Vintage interiors Instagram accounts to follow

Looking for ways to incorporate vintage homeware into your home? Thankfully, Instagram is filled with interior accounts bursting with decor inspiration and styling ideas. From eclectic to rustic, here are our favourite vintage interiors Instagram accounts to follow right now.

Maximalist: Lisa Piddington @lisa_loves_vintage

Lisa’s Victorian home in Birmingham is a treasure trove for vintage finds. Each room is filled with colour, texture and print which work together to create Lisa’s individual style. Passionate about the recycling aspect of shopping pre-loved, Lisa has been collecting vintage for more than 30 years. Over the years Lisa has carefully curated a collection of unique pieces which has shaped the vibrant personality of her home.

“My vintage collecting has always been about rescuing pieces that once held precious memories for previous owners. I’ve never bought something because it’s fashionable or on-trend, but because I know that it once meant the world to someone else and now it means the world to me. That sentimentality also explains why I struggle to throw anything out” says Lisa.

Traditionalist: Lydia Spencer @houseofspolland 

Lydia’s Lancashire home is a curated mix of old and new. Working to enhance and restore the property’s period features, Lydia has been on a renovation journey since 2018. Lydia shares DIY tips on her blog House of Spolland and also discusses the realities of renovating a home in her ‘renovation fatigue’ series. Lydia describes herself as a traditionalist and enjoys finding pieces that will last and work in various rooms around her home.

“I stand by the phrases ‘they don’t make it like they used to’ and ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. I’m a fan of buying vintage items for my home because of quality, sustainability and budget. I have bought vintage pieces for much less than I would have expected to pay for a new item of furniture. I try not to get caught up by the buzz of fast fashion and like to buy items with a story, a history and that will last” says Lydia.

Mid-century modern: Isa Chadborn @life_of_isatu

Isa has taken a mid-century-modern approach to decorating her Essex home. A fan of mixing old and new, Isa mixes modern Scandinavian pieces with mid-century furniture. Isa has opted for light colours with the occasional dark feature wall to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Each room incorporates plants along with natural materials like wood which are complemented by Isa’s soft interior touches. 

“I have always loved vintage furniture, glasses and crockery. One of my favourite things to do is spend time wandering around vintage shops and finding beautiful treasures to add to my collection. I think the fact that there is a story behind these second-hand finds and that they are still being used and enjoyed. I also love the look of these pieces and the way they give your home a unique style” says Isa.

Biophilic: Sharon Lomas @a_story_of_home

Sharon is currently revamping her Victorian property in the Lake District. Heavily influenced by both the concept of biophilic interiors and vintage, Sharon’s home is a mix of indoor jungle with a maximalist touch. Sharon has always lived in period properties which has influenced her interiors style. She also worked as an antiques dealer while at university and then ran a vintage events business for five years, so vintage is something that Sharon has always been passionate about. 

“I’m drawn to the quality in older pieces, in both materials and craftsmanship. I love the thrill of never knowing what you might find and the romantic notion of the life a piece had before you owned it. I like to think about who sat on that chair, or the conversations that took place around an old teapot, it’s something I can’t help but think about when I buy vintage” says Sharon.

Rustic: Gareth Young @gareth_at_31

Gareth’s Derbyshire home is a mix of eclectic and rustic with a fusion of contemporary and vintage homeware. A fan of bold colours, Gareth’s home is filled with blues and greens complemented by neutral textures. Gareth takes interior inspiration from French vintage, faded grandeur and industrial interiors. Gareth also enjoys restoring vintage furniture and runs his own upcycling business, Design at 31.

“Vintage is a relatively new concept for me. Only in the last few years have I really started to build a passion for antique and vintage homeware. But I really do find it addictive, and the more second-hand and vintage items I buy, the more I want. I still do buy new items where I need to, but I absolutely love taking inspiration from magazines like Reclaim, or from other people who trade in antiques on social media or, like me, upcycle furniture” says Gareth.

Eclectic: Susan Roe @myedwardianhouse 

Susan’s country house in Norfolk is an eclectic mixture of old and new. Keen to retain as much of the property’s character as possible, Susan has emphasised many of the period features throughout her home. Each room is bursting with pops of colour which is complemented by natural woods and textures. Susan is a fan of mixing up her vintage homeware collection and often packs pieces away to rediscover at a later date.

“I’m a magpie and always find myself drawn to vintage finds. I have always loved pottering round vintage and antique emporiums and discovering new treasure. The beauty of vintage is that it never really goes out of fashion, it just has its moments of glory. Vintage doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to make you smile” says Susan.

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