Founded by partners Rachel and Tom, Custodian is a carefully curated collection of traditional furniture and objects for period homes.

At our core, we source antique pieces of furniture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Each piece offers a sense of heritage and character, allowing historical homes to be furnished sympathetically.

Inspired by our finds, we have launched our very own ‘made by Custodian’ collection that embodies what we love most about antiques - timelessness, tradition, and craftsmanship.

We believe that when you acquire an item from our collection you take on the role of its trusted custodian and play an important role in preserving history, celebrating craftsmanship, and honouring tradition.

Our story

Custodian began through our passion for creating our first home together. We quickly discovered that we both enjoyed styling our interiors with antique finds and found ourselves spending weekends travelling to local antique fairs and flea markets in search of new treasures. The thrill of discovering special and unique items each time inspired us to create a store where we could share our finds with others.

We have a fond appreciation for the old. Whether that be a historic building, an antique piece of furniture, or timeless design. This became even more evident as we worked on our recent home renovation. Determined to be sympathetic to the building’s Edwardian roots, we furnished our home mostly with period furniture and objects. This allowed us to create a space that was entirely unique to us and one that embodies our values of timelessness, tradition and craftsmanship. It is now our passion to ensure that pieces that reflect these values remain relevant in homes today by sharing our collection with fellow custodians.

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