Styling your home with vintage homeware

Styling your home with vintage homeware is a great way to add character to your home. We spoke to Jade McHugh, the interiors guru from the Instagram account @behindno16. Jade moved into her Victorian terraced house last year and has been styling her home by incorporating pre-loved homeware with modern pieces. Here Jade shares her top tips for styling your home with vintage homeware.

Get a feel for your home before you start styling

Styling your home is the exciting part after all of the renovations and DIY, so it can be tempting to rush into this part. Creating mood boards for different rooms is a great way to express your creative flair without making any final decisions.  

“My main piece of advice is don’t buy everything for your new home in one go. Move-in first and get a feel for the space and your living requirements. It’s also useful to explore different styles on Instagram and Pinterest before deciding on a style for each room. This saves a lot of time and money in the long haul – I made this mistake and ended up renovating the kitchen area twice,” says Jade. 

Shop around for second-hand pieces

Online marketplaces, charity shops, and antique fairs are all great places to find vintage homeware pieces. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll also likely to pick up a bargain.

“I am a huge fan of antique hunting. Some of my favourite finds include vintage weighing scales or anything brass and rattan. It’s nice to be the only one with something sometimes. Facebook Marketplace is my go-to place for picking up affordable pieces and the occasional freebie. Charity shops will also surprise you if you look hard enough,” adds Jade.

Upcycle vintage furniture 

Taking on an upcycling project is a guaranteed way to create something unique for your home. This is also an opportunity to get really creative and give a piece of vintage furniture a whole new lease of life.

“Upcycling furniture is a great way to create something bespoke for your home and create additional storage where you need it. The paint I like to use is the Frenchic ‘The Lazy Range’ furniture paint. This is self-priming, self-levelling and self-sealing so you only need two coats. Make sure you sand off any old paint or varnish first and then wipe down with a sugar soap solution to get rid of any dirt ready for a smooth application,” explains Jade.

Give small homeware pieces a makeover  

Smaller homeware pieces are often disregarded when it comes to upcycling. However, items like vases and plant pots can also be given a transformation to create one-off pieces that will compliment your space.

“When it comes to upcycling small homeware pieces I make sure that I see past the colour of an item and tend to look for things that are the right shape. I love using the Plasticote matte spray paints on items like vases as they are quick and easy to use. If you fancy getting your paintbrush out, this is a great opportunity to use all of those paint testers you bought when deciding what colour to paint your walls. You can also create texture on a piece by either adding a small amount of sand to the paint to create a grainy effect or by adding some baking powder to create a chalky finish,” Jade says.

Curate your own unique style and enjoy it 

The most important thing to remember when styling your home is to enjoy it. Choose pieces that you love, rather than opting for things you think you should have in your space.

“In terms of styling vintage and antique pieces, go with what you love. Make sure the colours either contrast, compliment, or a piece adds a new texture to your space. For me, interior styling is about having pieces that are unique and were fun to source or create,” adds Jade.

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