At home with Victoria Von Westenholz

At home with Victoria Von Westenholz

Victoria set up Westenholz Antiques and Design with her father Piers and together they specialise in antiques and interior decoration. She tells us about her life-long passion for antiques.

How would you describe your interiors style?

Timeless and harmonious. My client’s lives, the history of the property and any existing pieces will very much dictate the direction of a project. Practicality is hugely important too, houses need to work for their inhabitants as well as look wonderful.

How do you use vintage in your projects?

Vintage and antique pieces can breathe life into a project. Combined with exceptional reproduction furniture, which can be more durable and practical, you can create something really special. The right vintage find can bring the whole room together. As for existing pieces, I would use them as a starting point for the design. 

What do you love most about sourcing vintage?

I’ve been lucky enough to be around antiques my entire life, thanks to my father and his contemporaries. Nothing gives me more pleasure than tracking down something really special for a current project or that I can stash away for the perfect moment. I love the antiques shops, dealers, auctions and everything to do with the process. The history and story of each piece is obviously fascinating and the environmental element is something I’m really keen on too.

What does home mean to you?

Home means comfort, colour and warmth. I can feel my shoulders drop as soon as I close the front door and I love filling it with family and friends. There is nowhere more important which is why it’s such a privilege to help my client’s with their own homes. 

Photography by Victoria Von Westenholz

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