At home with Andrew and David Harrison-Colley

At home with Andrew and David Harrison-Colley

This week we talked modern vintage with Andrew and David who are renovating their beautiful Brixton home.

How would you describe your interiors style?

We think that we’d sum up our approach to interior style as ‘modern vintage.’ We love to combine vintage pieces with more on-trend items to create a relaxed and comfortable space which evolves over time, and never feels dated.

How do you use vintage in your home?

We love to use so many aspects of vintage furniture and accessories in our home. Whether it be large pieces such as the barristers bookcase we incorporated into our kitchen, to pots, plates and cutlery that we blend with existing or newer pieces.

What do you love most about buying vintage?

We love that it has a history and story about it, and that we’ve been able to find it a new home without it going to landfill. Even though it’s older, to us it feels more timeless and that it won’t date or go out of fashion quickly. It’s also generally really well made, so we know that it will last.

Photography by The Home Boys

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