At home with Sarah Wealend

At home with Sarah Wealend

We talk maximalist interiors with Sarah who has filled her Grade II listed Victorian school apartment with beautiful eclectic finds.

How would you describe your interior style?

My interior style is hugely influenced by my time living in Shanghai, where my favourite places were the speakeasy-style cocktail bars, the antique markets and the Confucius temple. As a result, my home decor is maximalist and eclectic with a touch of fun.

How do you use vintage in your home?

My home is full to the brim with vintage furniture and accessories as I prefer to buy secondhand if I can. This includes repurposing items - for example, I wanted a unique pendant light for the kitchen so I made one using vintage jelly moulds.

What do you love most about buying vintage?

The things that I love most about buying vintage are that it allows you to create a unique, characterful home and it’s an easy, planet-friendly, sustainable choice. It's also often budget friendly and better made than modern equivalents. What's not to love?!

What does your home mean to you?

To me, home is safe, fun and comfortable. It's the sound of small, heavy, feet tearing up and down the hallway, random, reappearing puddles of Lego, my husband and I moving the pink power ranger into new, surprising, amusing locations, and tiny, bright yellow, wooden ducks with felt beaks, handed down from generation to generation, punctuating any dull spots. 

Photography by Sarah Wealend

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