At home with Sarah Tremayne and Caroline Brennan

At home with Sarah Tremayne and Caroline Brennan

Sisters Sarah and Caroline founded London-based interior design studio and shop, Sascal Studio, after training at KLC Design School. They tell us about their passion for interiors.

How would you describe your interiors style? 

We love a layered, homely and relaxed interior where nothing is too precious. It is important to make sure that anyone who walks in immediately feels at home. We think interiors should be an extension of a person and their home should reflect exactly who they are and we aim to achieve this for all of our clients. 

How do you use antiques in your projects? 

We love incorporating antiques that our clients already own as it really helps to make a space feel personal to them. If a client doesn’t have any antique pieces we always encourage them to invest in some. It’s so essential to mix antiques with contemporary pieces and we often find that the antiques bring the most joy to a scheme when layered and balanced in the right way.  

What do you love most about sourcing antiques?

So much! It’s like a treasure hunt and so special to know that each one is a true one-off with its own story behind it. They have existed for so long prior to purchase, demonstrating that they stand the test of time. We always encourage clients to invest in antiques as they add so much character to a home and really do tell a story. 

What does home mean to you?

A home is somewhere you’re excited to come back to after a long day, as well as being somewhere you’re excited to entertain friends and family. It should be a true reflection of the people who live in it. Your home should be filled with possessions that make you feel comfortable, familiar and inspired all at the same time. 


Photography by Angus Williams 

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