At home with Nels Crosthwaite Eyre

At home with Nels Crosthwaite Eyre

Interior designer Nels tells us about her love for traditional country house interiors and what she learnt from acclaimed decorator Robert Kime.

How would you describe your interiors style?

English country house style for Generation X and millennials! I owe a lot to my mentor, the late great Robert Kime. He taught me not to over think a room and that it is all about ‘feeling’ the space. I never stick to a theme - I tend to throw it all together and things will naturally evolve.

How do you use vintage in your projects?

In every way I can - textiles, lighting and artwork. But most importantly, brown furniture, as it grounds the space and adds an air of gravitas. I like my interiors to feel a sense of age and this is only achieved through vintage and antique pieces.

What do you love most about buying/ sourcing vintage?

There is something thrilling about uncovering treasure in unexpected places! I always try to pick up something small everywhere I travel to build my own story through objects. Having said that it’s now so easy to source unique pieces on social media - Instagram is a market place itself nowadays.

What does home mean to you?

It’s multi faceted - some days it’s relaxing with the children watching a movie, other days it’s a party house for old friends. Overall it must feel comfortable for everybody who walks through the door. Finally, and most importantly, there must always be a cosy spot for a dog on the sofa!

Photography by Nels Crosthwaite Eyre

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