At home with Leanne Kilroy

At home with Leanne Kilroy

We talk home comforts and antiques with Leanne who is renovating her gorgeous Victorian townhouse in London.

How would you describe your interiors style?

I’ve never really defined my style, but if pressed I think I'd say it's comfortable, timeless and accessible. 

How do you use vintage in your home? 

We have used antique and vintage pieces everywhere in our home! As a young family, we've always had to be really scrappy to be able to afford what we want. Vintage items have often been the way to afford something really beautiful and well made. My father sold Scandiavian antiques for my whole life - his shop only just closed - so a home full of antiques is all I know. 

What do you love the most about buying vintage?

I love the hunt, first of all. And I love the uniqueness of each piece. I love that it's sustainable and I also find that vintage pieces are so often made much better than off the shelf furniture these days. 

What does home mean to you? 

I wish I could say home is wherever my family is, but let's be real - that's only partially true. I'm very grounded in my things and surrounding myself with objects that I find beautiful and carry meaning. Creating a beautiful home is part of my upbringing, which I recognise every time I return to my parents' and siblings' beautiful homes. Home is where we express ourselves and where we find our greatest joy.

Photography by Leanne Kilroy

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