At home with Katie Cardew

At home with Katie Cardew

Katie founded Homes by Katie Cardew after training to become an interior designer in 2022. She tells us about her style and how she is bringing her 17th-century home back to life.

How would you describe your interiors style?

Colourful but also classic. I love mixing older items with newer pieces, like pairing antique furniture with new textiles. I like layering textures and colours too. It’s something that I think lots of people feel worried about doing but the result is so homely and lived-in. My ultimate aim is to create a room that invites you in and urges you to stay around for a while once you are there.

How do you use antiques in your projects?

I think antiques are fantastic for grounding a room and giving that soul that we all strive for when putting a space together. I think antiques work brilliantly for larger furniture items like wardrobes and chests. I like mixing in new textiles and carpets but then I will go back to antiques for accessories and art. In our dining room, I have paired a disco-style mirrored pendant with a 17th century rectory table and it works so well. 

What do you love most about sourcing antiques?

I go to a fair number of antique fairs and what I have learned is if I love something, and I can afford it, I buy it. Even if I can’t immediately think of where to put it, I always find a place once I am home. I love the excitement of turning up at an antiques fair and not knowing what’s going to be hiding. There will undoubtedly be a fair amount of stuff you won’t like at these things, but once you get stuck in, it’s amazing what you can find. 

What does home mean to you?

I am currently renovating a house that I bought last year and my ultimate aim is to make each room a happy place to be in. Life can be hectic and I want my home to be able to provide some solidity and calmness. Living on what has basically been a building site for the last eight months has shown me that when a home is in disarray, it can make you feel pretty horrid. Now that I am starting to complete rooms, I can feel that happiness and contentedness creeping back in.

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