At home with Jodie Hazlewood

At home with Jodie Hazlewood

We caught up with Jodie who is decorating her beautiful 1875 home with colour and texture.

How would you describe your interiors style?

I would describe it as eclectic, joyful, high-low, well travelled and comfortable. I like well worn fun interiors that look like they've always been there.

How do you use vintage in your home?

I like to mix vintage pieces into every room to create patina and depth to design to stop any room looking too 'new'.

What do you love most about buying vintage?

I love vintage for a number of reasons - the quality you can get for the price and the one off nature means you can create a really eclectic home. Plus I love the thrill of the chase when trying to find the perfect piece.

Photography by Jodie

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