At home with Isabella Worsley

At home with Isabella Worsley

Interior designer Isabella's ethos to create spaces which are as functional as they are attractive and unique. She tells us why antiques are at the heart of her designs.

How would you describe your interiors style? 

I always find that my designs are dictated by the buildings themselves. Whilst we always try to remain stylistically appropriate, it might be a quirky moulding or original feature that can be the starting point of a scheme.

How do you use antiques in your projects?  

Antiques are at the heart of our designs. Not only are they an important focus in terms of conscious design and sustainability, it is the inclusion of antiques that bring a room to life. The stories they bring with them give a sense of historical rooting and permanence to a scheme. 

What do you love most about sourcing antiques?  

The excitement of not quite knowing what you are going to find! Waking up early to go to antiques markets always pays off. I find it interesting how different pieces speak to different people.

What does home mean to you? 

It is a space that holds many of the things that are important and personal to me. Not just in terms of items but memories of times spent with friends and family over the years.

Photography by Helen Cathcart

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