At home with Fiona McKenzie Johnston

At home with Fiona McKenzie Johnston

This week we talk interior style with Fiona McKenzie Johnston, Contributing Editor at House and Garden magazine.

How would you describe your interiors style?

It’s not really considered, more a combination of things I love, including colour and pattern, arranged according to the obvious places they should be. I also have an acquisitive nature, and so does my husband. 

How do you use vintage in your home?

I’ve inherited a lot of porcelain and furniture, and when we need something for the house our first port of call is the local antique shops. I don’t really buy anything new, except art - even the sofa is vintage. I also buy beautiful lampshades from Susan Deliss, which are made using vintage fabrics.

What do you love most about buying vintage?

It’s usually significantly cheaper and I like the look of it, especially pieces with aged patina. It’s also far more environmentally sound than buying something new. 

What advice would you give to someone when considering using vintage in their home? 

Do it! Antiques and vintage are what give an interior a sense of layering and allows you to display an idea that has developed organically over time, which is what makes a house look like a home.

Photography by Fiona McKenzie Johnston

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