At home with Fiona Duke

At home with Fiona Duke

Fiona is the founder of award-winning interior design studio Fiona Duke Interiors and specialises in mixing modern and vintage styles to create elegant spaces. She tells us about her style and how she approaches projects.

How would you describe your interiors style?

This one is always hard to answer. I'm not sure if there is a typical Fiona Duke Interiors look but in terms of style, it's a mix of traditional and contemporary design. Texture is always very important as is colour and pattern. However, even when designs take a long time to put together, I still like the interiors to look relaxed and effortless. Elegant spaces that are also liveable real spaces.

How do you use vintage in your projects?

I always try to use vintage pieces in my projects wherever I can as I like to mix modern and vintage styles. Designing with a mix of styles creates a far more authentic way of living and helps to embrace the beauty of the 'imperfect' in every design. 

What do you love most about sourcing vintage?

Sourcing vintage is exciting. You never totally know what you're going to stumble across when looking. These pieces can really elevate a room design as it always injects a little 'extra' and makes that space feel really individual and unique.

What does home mean to you?

You want home to be the place where you feel most comfortable. You want to feel connected to your home by surrounding yourself with things you love that tell a story about you and ultimately it will make you happier.

Photography by Anna Stathaki 

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