At home with Emma Deterding

At home with Emma Deterding

Emma is the founder and creative director of the interior design studio Kelling DesignsShe explains why she enjoys sourcing antiques and how she uses them in her projects.

How would you describe your interiors style? 

Colourful and bold with little quirky touches, as well as timeless and chic. There is nothing worse than following a trend and being out of fashion in a matter of years.

How do you use antiques in your projects? 

We love using antique furniture in our projects. Pieces already owned by our clients are a part of their history, usually handed down from generation to generation. We tend to restore the good ones and amend the not-so-good by either painting or embellishing them in some way. 

What do you love most about sourcing antiques? 

The quality and the individuality of them. Many are as cheap as a piece of Ikea furniture although they have had hours of love and care devoted to them. Experienced hands have created these beautiful things sometimes centuries ago and they were made to last.

What does home mean to you? 

Home is where the heart is. It is where all the things I love and appreciate most are - family, furniture, art, and items that I have collected. My home is full of memories and history, and it is a place where I can relax and be myself.

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