At home with Derya Dilaver

At home with Derya Dilaver

We talk interiors with Derya who is beautifully decorating her period home with florals and vintage pieces.

How would you describe your interiors style? 

I would describe my interior style as transitional, I like to borrow from both traditional and modern design. I take a lot of inspiration from the spaces that I am decorating. We live in an Edwardian home and in choosing every aspect of the decor, I have tried to enhance the original features of the house, in addition to adding modern touches. 

How do you use vintage in your home? 

I generally choose pieces which I'm happy to use in their original condition, rather than pieces that need painting. I like to mix vintage pieces alongside more contemporary accessories and current textiles. 

What do you love most about buying vintage? 

There are so many positives to buying vintage, for instance making use of a piece that has already been produced rather than creating demand for new production. But for me, what I love most about buying vintage is being able to add a unique piece to our home, adding depth and character to our spaces with pieces that have beautiful details and history. 

Photography by Derya

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