At home with Clare O'Connell

At home with Clare O'Connell

Clare has injected pops of colour and pattern throughout her London home and shares her inspiration on Instagram. She tells us about her interiors style and what home means to her.

How would you describe your interiors style?

I always find it hard to describe my style. The pictures that I share as inspiration on Instagram are so varied; one interior could be from a modernist home in Paris and the other a Cape-style house in Maine. Tobias Vernon’s (founder of 8 Holland Street) cottage in Somerset stands out as a source of inspiration.

How do you use antiques in your home? 

Before I had children I went to car boot sales with my mum often and would buy anything that would add interest to my home. Nowadays I use Instagram sellers or Etsy to find vintage art mainly. I can’t wait for our next home and then I’ll be on the hunt again for all sorts of wonderful antiques to fill it.

What do you love most about buying antiques? 

An antique in a home adds depth and intrigue and grounds a room. All my favourite homes and rooms both on Instagram and in real life feature antiques. It’s like that Bunny Mellon quote I read where she told her decorator to find whatever they could in the attic to fill the house in order to achieve the lived-in look she admired. 

What does home mean to you?

Home to me is my family, my partner Michael and our two sons Daniel and Ray. It’s also an expression of my style. Growing up I was always redecorating my bedroom and now I have a whole flat to unleash my creativity on. I want our home to feel like a haven and to be incredibly comfortable and practical for all of us.

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