At home with Cara Goodman

At home with Cara Goodman

Cara is furnishing her Sussex home from scratch using vintage finds. She tells us about her style and why antiques make her feel more connected to the past. 

How would you describe your interiors style?

I would describe my interior style as collected. I like the feeling of walking into a space and sensing that the pieces were collected over a lifetime. My style has been enormously influenced by British interiors since moving to the UK from New York. I appreciate the layered feel of homes, the cosiness and the mixing of colour and pattern, and have tried to apply these ideas when decorating my home.

How do you use antiques in your home?

I use antiques, vintage and secondhand pieces everywhere and anywhere in my home. When I moved to England I only bought suitcases with me with and only a few pieces of decor. Now, I’d estimate that over 80% of the pieces in my home are antiques or thrifted. I incorporate vintage for aesthetic, sustainable and budget reasons. 

What do you love most about buying antiques?

I love that in an antique you can see the passage of time. For example, our antique wood prep table has stains, scratches and dents that previous owners had made over more than a hundred years. It makes me feel more connected to the past and aware of our impact on the future. I treasure anything passed down from family and whenever I purchase an antique item, I think about how it could become a future family heirloom.

What does home mean to you?

Home is where my husband and daughter are. So for me, home isn’t so much a place but a feeling of love, comfort and peace. We have always rented and have moved a lot so we imbue a sense of home with the pieces we've collected over time. I find comfort in being surrounded by objects that hold memories for me and if I can bring some of these along with me, in addition to my family, I’m home. 

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