At home with Brooke Copp-Barton

At home with Brooke Copp-Barton

Brooke trained at KLC School of Design before setting up her own interior design studio in 2017. She describes her style and tells us how she approaches projects.

How would you describe your interiors style?

Our style is elegant and eclectic, and both modern and vintage. We mix colour, materials, styles and pattern to create characterful homes full of warmth and charm. Our aim is to design relaxed, lived-in interiors that reflect the personality and tastes of the people who live in them.

How do you use antiques in your projects?

We love to include antiques and vintage items in our schemes. I love the idea of having pre-loved items in a home, both in terms of giving them a new lease of life and also in terms of the warmth and personality that they bring to a home. Our schemes usually comprise a combination of styles and mixing it up helps to keep it interesting. 

What do you love most about sourcing antiques?

I love that no two pieces are the same and that by bringing an antique into your home you are creating a space that is both unique and personal to you. I love uncovering hidden gems and think that antiques don’t always have to be rarefied collectible items. Sometimes a certain amount of wear and tear adds personality to a piece and depending on what it will be used for, can help make a scheme feel more real and lived in.

What does home mean to you?

I think your home is your haven and that beautiful spaces will lift your spirits and bring you joy. That’s ultimately what we strive for - to create restful homes, filled with beautiful things that make you happy.

Photography by Megan Taylor

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