At home with Bianca Serrao

At home with Bianca Serrao

Bianca is renovating her Victorian home in South East London and uses injections of colour to add character. She explains the thrill of furnishing her spaces with vintage finds.

How would you describe your interiors style? 

A real mix. I love traditional, bold and classic British interiors, but I'd describe my style as a bit more pared back with pops of strong pattern and colour. I draw inspiration from old french country houses right through to smart hotels and eclectic designers. If I had to summarise, I'd say my style is a fusion of calm, traditional interiors mixed with layers of texture, pattern and a scattering of bold eclecticism.

How do you use vintage in your home? 

I'm obsessed with all things vintage. The majority of my furniture and decor is vintage or antique. Some of my favouirte pieces include my 1980s stately large sofa, curvy mid-century bedside tables, delicately hand painted ceramics and reclaimed doors. My latest find is a bookmatched veneer walnut tallboy which sits next to a curvy antique chaise lounge. I also like to mix vintage pieces with modern carpentry and high street finds to change things up and add character. Alongside an antique apothecary unit in my kitchen stands a modern, newly built bar in high gloss paint - I just love the juxtaposition.

What do you love most about buying vintage? 

Sustainability, and the thrill of finding a one-of-a-kind, beautifully made piece that will make a statement, yet stand the test of time and never date. Buying vintage can also be incredibly affordable if you take the time to source the right pieces. The quality, detail and variety of shapes, woods and textures of unique pieces can completely transform a room. I also love to see the potential in the vintage items I buy. Some need a little TLC or perhaps re-upholstering - I like adding my own touch where possible.

What does home mean to you? 

A place of comfort which feels lived-in and warm and a place that I always want to retreat to and where loved ones can gather and enjoy too. Home is a reflection of myself, the life I'm building with my husband and the things I love the most.

Photography by Bianca Serrao and Belle Daughtry

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